CRA My Account

Unfortunately, we do not have your login/password information for your CRA My Account.  The access that you have granted to us to assist us with preparing your personal tax returns is limited compared to the options that the CRA grants directly to you.  We are also unable to add or remove access to your account.

Additional options that CRA offers just to you include: change your address, search for undeposited government cheques, add/remove access to your account, track your return, apply for child benefits, etc.

You need to start setting up access to your account on the CRA “My Account” webpage.  You will need your SIN, date of birth, postal code, and a copy of your previous personal tax return (2021 T1).  You will create a username and password and go through the steps to setup the account.  The account will not be finalized until the security code is entered.  The CRA will physically mail you the security code after you initiate the process and start setting up your My Account.  Some functions and information is available without the security code, however once the security code is received and entered, your My Account will have full access.

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